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Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows by Roger Eischens | July/August Featured 2004

A primary principle of hatha yoga is: Where awareness goes, energy flows, and energy flows where awareness goes. Historically, what has made hatha yoga unique is its emphasis on the active practice of asana and pranayama as the foundation upon which the other six limbs of yoga are actualized. What distinguishes yoga as a spiritual practice is the practitioner’s commitment to seeing his or her thoughts, behaviors and self clearly. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras makes the point that a primary outcome of yoga is that we de-condition ourselves from our socialization.

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Roger Eischens, 1941-2004  “It is what it is.” 

When I met Roger, he practiced every day that I knew him. Roger taught many students and yoga teachers the Art of Practicing Yoga. Roger was original, unique, creative, brilliant, intelligent, kind-hearted, generous, innovative, inspirational, motivated, helpful, caring, intense, highly-skilled, and funny.

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