Imagine you. Feel you. Be you.

Artful Alignment

Artful Alignment is when all the aspects of who you are, are in alignment. You experience the flow of your life with effortlessness, grace, and ease.

In my yoga classes, I apply three steps of Artful Alignment — align, energize, and heal — to move you out of imbalanced or misaligned patterns of conditioning and bring you back to free-flowing energetic patterns of alignment, balance, and harmony. 

In asanas (poses), Artful Alignment addresses misalignments and imbalances at that deeper level, so your yoga practice has the capacity to open energy channels and dissolve energetic blocks, allowing your natural healing energy to flow. 

In Artful Alignment, your breath connects with your physical alignment to release stress and tension and to simultaneously increase your vitality.

The aim of Artful Alignment is to let go into the divine river of life so that blissful energies continually flow to you and through you.

Live from your awakened heart and blossom into the flower fo your true divine essence that is abundance, beauty, bliss, compassion, laughter, love, and joy. 

What is Artful Alignment?
The Practice of Artful Alignment
Tools for Artful Alignment
The Healing Properties of Artful Alignment
Imagine You. Feel You. Be you.
The Philosophy of Artful Alignment



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