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Transformational Work

Transformational Work ignites the spark inside of you and infuses the core of your being with healing, vibrant energy. 

Transformational Work, used in individual yoga lessons, is a precise and unique healing technique that is rooted in the ancient practice of yoga.

Asanas (poses) are tools used in Transformational Work to create energetic openings and deeper releases in the physical body and in deeper, subtler realms.

In pranayama (breath work), Transformational Work directs and balances your prana —  your vital life energy flow — to specific areas within, that need it the most. 

The aim of practicing Transformational Work is to cultivate strength, flexibility, and stability so that you feel energetic, light, and free. 

“Light is the essence of your soul.” – Mooji


What is Transformational Work?
The Practice of Transformational Work
The Tools of Transformational Work
The Healing Properties of Transformational Work
What is Core Energy?
The Philosophy of Transformational Work



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