Yoga Workshops

I teach a variety of yoga workshops throughout the year. Check out my upcoming workshops on my Events page. Register or Host one of  Kari’s yoga workshops and/or a yoga retreat.

  • Arrival: Arrive 15 minutes early to set up your props, sign-in, and meet other yoga practitioners.
  • Registration:  Register before each workshop or retreat, if possible.
  • Introduction:  Introduce yourself and share how you came to learn about the event. Are you attending the workshop to receive a particular benefit? 
  • Pranayama: Pranayama is controlled breath work. Prana means vital life force. In the beginning, we familiarize ourselves with the length of our in breath and out breath while bringing our awareness to the pause or retention of breath.
  • Asana warm up:  We start with yoga asanas that move us through concepts that we work on during the yoga workshop.
  • Asana substance:  Here’s where we study more in-depth about the healing techniques of yoga. I explain in understandable, anatomical detail the techniques of asanas (postures) and teach pranayama, mudras, chanting, and meditation more in-depth.
  • Transformational Work: Enhance positive energy flow with asanas with Transformational Work. Explore the intricacies of asanas that are healing for you. Ask questions and troubleshoot. You are never  pushed into a pose. 
  • Restoratives: Let go into complete relaxation so that you feel rejuvenated and calm.


  • Great way to learn specific yoga concepts, postures, and philosophy. 
  • Immerse yourself into specific poses and more deeply experience their healing affects. 
  • Certain health related issues may come up for you as a yoga practitioner which you can troubleshoot with me.  
  • Receive the healing health benefits of a yoga pose in more detail. 

Some yoga experience is helpful. If you are new to yoga you can work with me through individual yoga lessons before starting a yoga class. 

All levels are welcome.

  • Beginner – with some yoga experience
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Typically two hours. 

  • One yoga mat. 
  • Two yoga blocks. 
  • One yoga belt.
  • Two firm blankets. 
  • Two firm bolsters.
  • Sandbag(s), if you have. 
  • Dharma wheel, if you have. 
  • A journal to write about what you learn and about realizations or feelings you may experience.

Learn more about hosting one of Kari’s yoga workshops or retreats.

Below are sample workshop and retreat topics. 

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