Yoga for upper core strength

Develop Upper Core Strength and Flexibility

Pectoral Girdle

Stability and Mobility 

Rhomboids connect the pectoral girdle to the spinal vertical.


  • Improve freedom of movement in your neck and shoulders.
  • Develop strength and flexibility in your shoulders and upper back.
  • Sculpt and tone your arms.
  • Relieve tension in your head and neck to calm your nervous system.
  • Improve fascial elasticity to increase overall ease of movement.

Yoga Asanas:

  • Emphasis on standing poses, seated twists, spirals and side bends.

Transformational Work:

  • Enhance positive energy flow with asanas and partner work.

Pranayama techniques and restoratives.

Seated Poses to Lift the torso

  • Sukasana lift the upper torso hips to arm hip
  • Add twist 
  • Interlock fingers

Baddha Konasana/ Cradle Stretch/One leg outstretched

Wide Leg seated flexion 

Standing Poses

Wide Leg Standing Flexion


Virabdrasana 11    to windmill pose (repeats)

Virabdrasana 11 with arms bound behind the back 

Supta Padandusthasana series (Laying on back) Hold each pose for 10 belly breaths

a. )Supta Padangusthasana B 

  • One leg outstretched the other leg out to the side – holding on with big toe

b.) Supta Padangusthasana

  • Bent knee version

C.) Supta Padangusthasana A 

  • Sleeping big-toe version – One leg outstretched w/ hands/belt on bottom of the foot. 

D.) Revolved Supta Padangusthasana

  • One leg crossover w/ hand on outer shin
  • Head turned to the opposite side

Seated Twist

Marichayasana 111

  • One leg outstretched, one knee bent, twist towards bend knee
  • Downward facing dog with a leg lift

Transformational Work for upper core

1. Kneeling table

    • With leg lift
    • With Arm lift

2. Incline w/ small push ups

    • Sand bag on neck

3. Prone mountain series

4. Downward Facing dog w shoulder strap

Side Bends/Twists

Parighasana Cross bar of a Gate Pose

  • Side stretch w/ leg to side other leg is bent

TadasAna  w/ side bends (back to gate pose)

Hanumanasana on bolsters or on chair

  • Lift torso

Twist- Pasasana- Noose Pose

  • Can put sandbag under the heels 
  • Downward facing dog

Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana 

  • Revolved head to knee side bend pose
  • One knee bent in, the other leg outstretched to the side

Seated Parighasana 1 

  • One knee bent out, the other leg outstretched to the side
  • Can put knee on a blanket
  • Downward facing dog

Seated Twist Poses

Ardha Matsyendrasana – Half Lord of the fishes pose

Forward Folds


With bolster(s)

Restorative Poses

Supine Twist

  • Lay on back w/blanket under neck
  • Arms out to the side with palms upward 
  • Cross one leg over the other leg and twist towards bent leg
  • Take head to the opposite side

Viparita Karani – 5 minutes

  • Leg-up the wall pose

Savasana – 12 minutes 


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