Tuesday, April 23, 2024 – Awaken the Psoas Muscles for Strong Abs and a Healthy Back

Join us for this warming, energizing, and uplifting Tuesday evening yoga class!

When: April 23, 2024
Day:  Tuesday
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (Eastern Time Zone)
Price: $20

Class Type: Zoom On! & In-Person at Kindred Waters Collective, 244 Benzie Boulevard, Beulah, MI 49617

Awaken the Psoas Muscles for Strong Abs and a Healthy Back

The intention of this yoga class is  to help you strengthen and lengthen your abs, psoas, and other core muscles, so you relieve pain in your lower back, stand more upright, and feel confident.

How Yoga Helps
Because of the integrative, total body involvement of most yoga asanas, yoga is an ideal practice to engage and strengthen the physical core. The wide array of poses also challenges the core in many different ways, through standing poses, balance poses, twists, domes, forward bends, and simple inversions.

Alignment also plays an important role in safe, effective core strengthening, making the refined alignment techniques a great match for careful core strengthening of the abs, psoas, and lower back muscles. 

There is a subtle and powerful connection between the diaphragm, psoas, and the lower back that energetically connects all the way down to your feet.

The Bandhas
The Sanskrit word “bandha” means bond or join. In yoga it refers to an action that grips and controls a part of the body to form a seal or a lock. Bandhas are practiced to contain and control prana (life-force energy) within the body. There are four main bandhas:

  1. Mula bandha – a contraction of the perineum at the pelvic floor
  2. Uddiyana bandha – a contraction of the abdomen into the ribcage
  3. Jalandhara bandha – tucking the chin into the chest
  4. Maha bandha – a combination of the above three bandhas performed simultaneously

Benefits include:

  • Upright posture
  • Stronger core and abdominal muscles
  • Pain relief in the lower back
  • Improvement in overall body alignment
  • Increased hip flexibility and movement
  • Increased balance and confidence
  • A sense of feeling connected, grounded, and safe

Healing Injury? For those who have a history of injury or trauma and notice that the effects of the minor/major injuries are beginning to interfere with your everyday lives, please note that all of the yoga classes are naturally healing.

Each yoga class is designed to help release stored pain, anxiety, stress, or tension you may be experiencing so that vital, healing energy – prana – can move freely through the entire body. When vital energy is flowing freely (not obstructed), you experience positive emotions, revitalized energy, mental clarity, lightness, pain relief, and an overall sense of well-being.


Whether you have attended any of my yoga classes in the past or not, you are welcome to attend any or all of these classes.


Beginner – with at least 6 months of yoga experience


One yoga mat, necessary
One or two yoga blocks, necessary
Two firm bolsters or two firm blankets, if you have
One yoga belt, if you have
Two or three sandbags, if you have
Dharma wheel, if you have one


  • Yoga Class
    April 23, 2024
    5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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