Heart and Lung Meditation

Heart and Lung Meditation by Kari 

Lay or sit in a comfortable position.
With your eyes soft,
gently close your eyelids. 
Gaze downward and inward
towards your third eye (between the eyebrows).
With your yoga gaze (drishti),
light up the void within, 
like turning a headlamp toward your inner world,
and illuminate what is perceived as darkness.
Touch your hands to the fourth chakra (heart and lungs).
Begin soft nostril breathing (ujjayi breath),
consciously breathing in oxygen
consciously breathing out carbon dioxide.

*See your heart pumping blood (imagine the color, red)
throughout the body,
and bathing the places within 
that specifically need healing. 

See the carbon dioxide-rich, oxygen-poor blood (imagine the color, blue)
recirculating back to your lungs. 

Breathe the carbon dioxide
that recirculated back to your lungs,
out into the atmosphere (air). 
See the trees reaching out their branches and leaves
and receiving that carbon-dioxide. 

With the process of photosynthesis
the trees transform carbon-dioxide back into oxygen. 

Consciously, breathe in 
the oxygen from the trees. 

See your lungs
re-filling your blood with more oxygen 
transporting this tree-given, oxygen-rich blood
back to your heart. 

Meditation Recommendations
Continue this meditation by circling back to…*See your heart pumping blood… 

Practice until you know the meditation by heart or until you feel your heart and lung chakra power! 

Copyright, 2021 Kari Tomashik

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