The Flow of Prana

The Flow of Prana by Kari  Prana is part of the respiratory cycle that transfers life-force energy to the trillions of cells within you. Prana, also is cosmic vibration that nourishes and transfers life-force energy to every living creature, rock, plant, tree, water, food, fungi, bacteria, insect, bird, fish, sun, moon, and cloud. Each time […]

Heart and Lung Meditation

Heart and Lung Meditation by Kari  Lay or sit in a comfortable position. With your eyes soft, gently close your eyelids.  Gaze downward and inward towards your third eye (between the eyebrows). With your yoga gaze (drishti), light up the void within,  like turning a headlamp toward your inner world, and illuminate what is perceived […]

Vote Bliss

Whatever your Bliss  may be Vote for it! Live it  everyday, before  it’s too late! Vote for Bliss!  Yes, You deserve it! Vote for Bliss!

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Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows

Healing Energies of Earth and Sky

Yoke yourself back to your spirit heart with these simple, supported inversions. When I go upside down I experience a natural and powerful sense of relief. My mind effortlessly lets go of incessant thoughts. I naturally breathe deeper. Once I am in sync with the rhythm of my breath, I breathe in the thankfulness of […]

Chair Yoga for the Office

Gentle Office Chair Yoga by Kari Seated Twist – Bharadvajasana – Seated twist on a chair Sit sideways on a firm but comfortable chair with your knees hip width apart and your feet firmly planted on the ground.  Turn towards the back of the chair and grab the back of the chair with both hands. […]

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