The Flow of Prana

The Flow of Prana by Kari 

is part of
the respiratory cycle
that transfers life-force energy
to the trillions of cells
within you.

Prana, also is cosmic vibration
that nourishes and
transfers life-force energy to
every living creature,
rock, plant, tree, water, food, fungi, bacteria,
insect, bird, fish, sun, moon, and cloud.

Each time you breathe
through and over
your spine.

When you practice of pranayama
you tap into life-force energy
that churns the wheels of your chakras
that then
recharges, balances, and revitalizes
your energy fields
so that instead of losing energy,
you increase your energy flow.


Pranayama Technique!
Combing Your Aura by Goswami Kriyandanda, Extraordinary Spiritual Potential, p 8

This technique helps you develop your psychic self-defense and helps you get rid of larger impinged thoughts that produce a constant discharge of energy.

The technique is done in this way: Feel free to sit in any comfortable seated position.
Take you upper lip and pull it down over your upper teeth, trying to pull your upper lip into your mouth, gently locking it there with your tongue or lower lip (or teeth). This activates certain nadi’s (energy channels in the body), and opens the nasal passages. It also activates cranial nerves.
You then pump your stomach in and out so the air pumps in and out of the lungs quickly, like a bellow. The strength is not important.
Once you run out of air, just take a deep breath through the open mouth as fast and as quickly as you can, and pump again. While you are doing this, on the inhalation feel your aura expanding out three to twelve inches. The important thing is that there is expansive awareness. In the same way, each time you exhale, feel your aura contracting.
Visualization is important in this! Visualize your aura shaking, and this literal shaking literally causes the old thought forms, and some larger thought forms, to break loose and drop to your feet. By natural magnetism of the earth, they thought form will be neutralized.
Repeat this technique three, seven, or nine times. If you get into the habit of doing this, you will become tremendously invigorated. Practice of this pranayama technique clears the aura.

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